Participants: PHD in 2018

Here is the list of people that have committed to working on their PHD in 2018.  Go to their blogs to see the projects that they plan to work on.

  •  Terry, my cousin from Ontario, has 12 projects that she wants to work on this year.  Her blog is  Quilting a Legacy
  • Roseanne, from “Home Sewn By US” has 12 projects that she wants to complete.
  • Elizabeth, from “Appliqué and …. knitting, stitchery, genealogy, food” has 12 quilting projects she wants to finish!
  • Kate from “Life in Pieces” has her list and is hoping to sew for 15 minutes a day on the month’s priority project.
  • Ann from “Laughing Gas Quilts”  has her 26 projects ready to go.  She even has a tiny Santa hat that just needs a pom-pom – for a planned “quick finish.”
  • Emily from “the Darling Dogwood” has her list ready to go.  She has changed one of the criteria to fit her life … she will finish all projects that are started by the end of September.  This gives her freedom to work on the leader ender charity quilts that she does towards the end of the year.
  • Deena from Dreamworthy Quilts started her list in December! She even that the month of the year that she started each quilt!  And, she is determined to finish the quilts that she starts this year.
  • Susan on Instagram  See here quilts HERE.

Each month, I will post the links to participants progress on their UFOs.