Happy New Year!

Photo Of Fireworks
 Happy New Year!

In 2019, may you always have enough … 

  • fabric

  • bobbin thread

  • rulers

  • rotary cutter blades

  • pins

  • sewing machine needles

  • patterns

  • smiles 

  • time to sew with friends

  • time to complete UFOs

  • and quilty HUGS

Happy Quilting!


Last Monday of 2018

I’ve been working on Shells from Turnabout Patchwork.  You can see my start HERE.

The picture on the left is the quilt sandwiched – with the spool of thread I plan to use for quilting it … the one on the right has the painter’s tape marking the straight lines.


I do hope I have this done in time for my son to deliver it!

Good Fortune


Parts 1, 2 & 3 are done … all done (left picture).  Part 4: I still debating whether to strip fabric together for the rectangles – or just go with one piece of fabric.    Part 5 has the orange / neutral (grey / neutral for me)  partially sewn (right picture) … the bigger triangles still need to be cut. Part 6 … string piecing neutrals … not too many, but not sure when I’ll start them.  Tomorrow, I will be linking to Monday’s Good Fortune link-up HERE.

Happy Quilting!


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Turnabout Patchwork

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 1.45.32 PMDid you know about this new book?  I was (am) lucky enough to recieve an advance copy.  The only thing was … I HAVE to make a quilt using one of the patterns in the book.  YEAH!!  An excuse to make another quilt!!! And, I love the challenge of trying something new!

The author is Teresa Mairal Barreu.  She’s an Australian author and blogs at Sewn Up … which you can link to it HERE.

I love the premise of this book.  You make a specific block, cut it as directed and voilá  – you have a completely different block with a difference!  It’s a little like the disappearing 9 patch and disappearing 4 patch … but with totally different results! Continue reading

A Fun Christmas

We (my husband, 2 kids, one partner and 2 others) went to Harrison Hot Springs for 2 nights.

It was a beautiful drive there.  We took the back road (instead of speeding down the highway).  The sun was shining, there was snow on the mountains … just beautiful.  We ate, walked through the town, sat in the hot springs, swam, ate, sat in the hot springs, ate, took naps, ate, laughed a lot, and had a grand time!


When I got home, I opened my gift from my cousin.  (There are about 25/26 of us and we draw names each year).  Terry, my quilting cousin had my name this year.  She blogs at TLC Quilts – Sew what’s next?  The picture on the left is what she sent me: Isn’t it perfect?

A spool of glide thread … I already know I love this thread!  And it’s a different colour than what I have … perfect!  The snips … so handy … and Angela Walter’s book … so inspiring!  I can’t wait to soak up every word that Angela has written!  Thank you Terry!


And surprise.  She sent my husband a gift.  Said she couldn’t wait until she had his name in the draw (which could be in 25 years or next year … one never knows).  This is what she sent him!  We had a good laugh!

I’ve glanced through the book … can’t wait to have some time to read it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy Quilting!


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I am done the last quilt for my PHD!!! The rain quit coming down for about 10 minutes, so I rushed outside for a quick photo.  Ideally, I like to take pictures in the sun, but who knows how long I’d have to wait before I see the sun again? And there is very little of it in the back yard at this time of year.  You can see details of my start on this quilt HERE

IMG_2751 Continue reading

Christmas Contest

IMG_2432There is a Janome club meeting 4 times a year where I work.  In September, attendees are able to choose one of 2 fabrics (or both).  They can make whatever they choose and may add whatever fabrics they wish.  When they return in November, they hand in the project they made. These projects are placed up on the walls around the store. Customers are encouraged to vote for the one they like best.  The winner will get a prize from the store.  All participants get to keep their projects.  If you live in the area, pop into Langley Vacuum and Sewing and vote for your favourite one! (The ones without numbers were made by employees of the store.)  I hope you enjoy the small slideshow!  Which one would you vote for?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 more little finishes


I know I showed you a picture of one of these finished HERE … but When I cut out the fabric for these 4 wine totes, I cut out 4 –  14″ x 15 ½” pieces, plus the 4 purple satin lining pieces for inner lining.  I obviously wasn’t thinking!!!  For some reason, I thought I’d need a front and a back piece of both for one wine bag.  DUH!!!  I did finish up 2 of them … and I had this extra fabric sitting there … SEW … I embroidered 2 more totes.  I much prefered the one with batting in it – so batting was used (along with a stabilizer) for each of the other totes.   My daughter has already claimed one … I have a destination in mind for another … who knows what will happen to the other 2?

IMG_2603I know that I also said that I started this new quilt and hoped to have it done by Saturday (tomorrow) … well … I don’t think that’s going to happen … Visiting with friends took priority. As it should!

I haven’t finished putting the top together … There are 2 more seams, then I need to make the pieced borders … then I can sandwich and quilt it.  But the label is made!

Happy Quilting!


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Moving through the UFOs …

This “Irish Snails” quilt was a kit … I’m not sure I like buying kits … I loved the sea-shell fabric – that’s what sold me on this kit.  However, there was not enough brown in the kit to make the pattern with the borders as instructed.  Luckily, I was able to get the exact brown fabric locally.  The pattern is by Peggy Gelbrich of Yellow House Quilter and is available HERE.  It’s an easy pattern to follow!

Anyhow, this quilt is in the process of being quilted.  IMG_2589 Continue reading

Keeping Track

One person asked why I bother to keep track of UFOs, this years’ starts and fabric bought or used.  Well, it’s my way of cutting down on UFOs and attempting to use up the fabric that I already have!

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 3.57.11 PM

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 1.36.51 PM.png

Summary: All Starts in 2018 are completed.  One UFO is almost done (see Design Wall).  That leaves 2 and a bit UFOs to complete for my PHD in 2018.

Design Wall

IMG_2568The scrappy red/pink/brown/green version of Ivan’s Diamonds is being quilted … Just have the outside border to quilt … then add the binding.  The label is already done and will be completely sewn down as the border is quilted. You can see the whole of this quilt HERE.

Bonnie Hunter Mystery

You can check out the mystery at Quiltville.com  Good Fortune Mystery.  Bonnie has called for primary colours for this mystery quilt.  Unfortunately, I’m not a fan … but, it would be just like me to choose my own colours for the mystery … just like I’ve done with the quite a few of the past mysteries.  I’m still debating …

Stash Report

IMG_2565This baby quilt was completed and used 3.75 yards of fabric. You can see details of the quilt HERE.

I HAD to go to a fabric store the other day.  I had a gift certificate that was crying to be used.  Sew, I ventured across the river, into Burnaby, to visit “The Needle & I“.  A wonderful quilt store!  She has a lot of fabric and a great variety.  And as the saying goes, ….Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 1.57.28 PM.png


The fabric at the front of the basket is the 8 fat quarter yardage I bought at the retreat.  (It doesn’t count this week).  The yellow is what I needed to coordinate with the fat quarters … and the other 3 at the back of the basket … well, um, uh … well … they were on sale and I’m sure I’ll use them sometime, somewhere in something.  🙂  The total damage 6.75 ….

  • Fabric Used this week:  14.25 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:   252.6 yards
  • Fabric Added this Week:    6.75 
  • Fabric Added this Year:   88.3 yards
  • Net Fabric Used for 2018:  164.3 yards

Happy Quilting!


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Quilter’s Strip Poker

Strip Poker
S T R I P   P O K E R

Did the title get your attention?  In a previous post, I mentioned that we played strip poker at the quilting retreat.

OK >>> OK >>>  You keep your clothes ON!!!

Several people asked me how we play it. Here’s how:

First: you instruct everyone to bring anywhere between 5 and 8  WOF 2½” strips. Obviously, the less strips, the faster the game. Continue reading