Fun Times

It’s a lot of fun when we have company come.  Especially a family with 4 kids that we LOVE!!!  The youngest son was asking me about my quilts and we scrolled through the pictures on my computer and he said, “that’s my quilt!”  As soon as they got home his younger sister and he had their pictures taken with their quilts … I made these several years ago – before I started blogging.  I LOVE that they are still LOVED~

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Quilter’s Strip Poker

Strip Poker
S T R I P   P O K E R

Did the title get your attention?  In a previous post, I mentioned that we played strip poker at the quilting retreat.

OK >>> OK >>>  You keep your clothes ON!!!

Several people asked me how we play it. Here’s how:

First: you instruct everyone to bring anywhere between 5 and 8  WOF 2½” strips. Obviously, the less strips, the faster the game. Continue reading

Retreat Fun!

I got back from a fabulous retreat this afternoon.  Oh – what fun we had!  Lots of sewing got done!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of my projects in progress.  And, I’m sure that I missed a few of the projects that were being put together.

And approximately 4″ of snow fell … snowball snow … and for some reason, some of it ended up down my nightgown … but we weren’t really fighting!

IMG_1383 2


This wall hanging was spectacular!  It included crayon (heat set), embroidery and piecing.

The expertise and talent at the retreat was amazing!

A few quilters “webbed” their quilts together.  It was the first time they had tried it.  I believe it won’t be their last time!

Another quilter did her first machine quilting and did an fantastic job!


There were a few guild mystery quilts put together.  Totally different jelly rolls were used, and the effect is somewhat similar (because they both had red in similar locations), and yet totally different!

And yes, the quilt on the right was getting fixed as I left!




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Each one of the pictures has a story to tell.  But I’m tired and about to go to bed.  Enjoy the Show!

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