PHD in 2019 November update

Baby Quilt Making Day

The Boundary Bay Quilt Guild gives numerous baby quilts away to various charities in the lower mainland.

The co-ordinators of the program had a Baby Quilt Making Day.  You come and make … guess what – a baby quilt!   There are kits you can choose from, tons of fabric to make up a kit of your own, or you can bring fabric from home.

I choose to make a quilt from my stash … I’m on a mission to decrease my stash – one yard at a time – so it was the obvious choice.

My only regret about baby quilt making day is that it was held on Nov. 30.  Which, according to my own rules for PHD in 2019, this quilt must be finished before Dec. 31 for me to recieve my own PHD in 2019!

Here’s a slide show of everyone at the Baby Quilt Making day:

Design Wall



Finish quilting Smith Mountain Morning


PHD in 2019:  Quilting UFOs and Finishing New Projects


I now have THREE little baby quilts to finish  (I had 2 last week!) and ONE UFO to finish … for my PHD in 2019

If you look closely at #30 of my starts in 2019, it says “snowman” and yes it’s finished … I’ll show you in the near future!

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 2.41.23 PM

Here’s the November Report for Participants

Kate @  Life in Pieces  is working hard on her PHD, but states that she won’t be able to achieve it this year.  That’s perfectly OK!!!  Many PhD students at universities around the globe often take extensions and finish it eventually.

Tish  @ Tish’s Adventures in Wonderland has been faithfully finishing all of her beautiful Island Batik challenges … and she hosts a linky party “UFO Busting,” so finishing UFOs is a focus for her!

Emily @ The Darling Dogwood   has also been finishing her Island Batik challenges.  She has an amazing “Octopus’s Garden” quilt that is worth going and taking a look at!

Deana @ Dream Worthy Quilts has a goal tracker on the right side bar. I don’t think it’s been updated recently.

Elizabeth @ Applique and … has been working on various projects, but I’m not sure if they are new starts or UFOs.  I’m sure she’ll update us soon!

Sharon @ Adventures in Fiber has not posted any quilty posts lately …


I like to make lists at the beginning of the week, but I’ll still link up to Roseanne & Sue’s Home Sewn by Us on Tuesday.

Last week’s list:

  1. Sandwich Smith Mountain Morning   √  done and quilting started
  2. Prep 2 blocks from 52 blocks in 52 weeks – week 45 – 46 xxx Week 45 is prepped, week 46 is not done.
  3. Sew 2 blocks from 52 blocks in 52 weeks – week 36-37 √  done 
  4. Finish 2 baby quilts (squirrels) xxx not done!

This week’s list:

  1.  Quilt Smith Mountain Morning – ½ hour / day
  2. Prep 2 blocks from 52 blocks in 52 weeks – week 46 & 47
  3. Sew 2 blocks from 52 blocks in 52 weeks – week 38 – 39
  4. Add borders to 3 baby quilts.

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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Retreat accomplishments – some …

Oh my! The retreat was a great time.  They always are!  So many different projects, so many ideas, so much help … so much food … and 2 people brought halloween jellies and candy corn … groan!  … too much sugar …  click HERE to see the slide show of other people’s projects.

SEW … What did I get done? 

fullsizeoutput_bdf Continue reading

How to get rid of a UFO without going crazy

I’m working on Smith Mountain Morning from Bonnie Hunter’s book “Scraps & Shirtails II.” You’ve seen the odd picture in recent posts … It’s a UFO from 2015 that was started in a workshop with Bonnie at Camp Arnold – near Seattle. Washington.  The workshop was fantastic!!  The quilt will be fantastic!!  (visit Bonnie’s blog for lots of eye candy and free patterns.)

I think I might be going crazy!  Who in their right mind starts a quilt with 3 million pieces (don’t count them, I just might be exaggerating! but not by much). And then decides that she wants to make it bigger?  YUP – I was crazy when I made that decision! Continue reading


Do you like or dislike squirrels?  We have black and grey squirrels in our backyard. And we enjoy watching them scurry along the fence, hopping onto the trees and burying nuts in our garden. A friend of mine said that squirrels are just rats with fuzzy tails.  I disagree.  They are cute and fun to watch!

Recently, (like in the past year) I’ve been noticing on quilt blogs that some projects are called “Squirrels.”  I didn’t understand exactly what this meant, and I went searching.  Google searching.  When I researched “squirrel quilts” – that’s what I got – a bunch of links to quilts containing squirrels.  Not what I was looking for.

Googled “squirrel quilts new projects” … BINGO … a definition of what I was looking for.  Quilt Diva Julie had the explanation!  Thank you Quilt Diva Julie! (Photo & Definition is from Quilt Diva Julie’s blog.

The Ad-Hoc Squirrel Club
A squirrel is a sudden distraction that pulls us away from projects already underway. Something so exciting that we drop what we’re doing to enjoy the unexpected. The term comes from the movie UP where the dog named Doug is talking and suddenly his head whips to one side as he shouts SQUIRREL and he’s off to chase it.

SEW … all this talk about squirrels … and yes, I did have a sudden distraction that pulled me away from what I was diligently working on.  Our guild has a Facebook page.  This Saturday, a baby quilt kit making day was happening.  One lady posted the cutest quilt with a baby on it.  Of course, it was scrappy and blue – that’s why I thought it was cute.  I quickly figured out how it could be done … easy peasy.  Then Saturday came and I wasn’t able to make it to the baby quilt kit making day.  Sew, to get rid of my guilt, I decided to make the quilt.  It was easy to start.

  • pulled fabric
  • cut them into 6 ½” blocks
  • sew blocks into half square triangles
  • oops – realized that I should have cut 7″ blocks to make the math work properly … oh well, I’ll just add a wider border
  • ironed the blocks
  • placed them on the design wall

That’s as far as the squirrel has progressed.  I will web this together and figure out if I need 2½” border or 3″ border to make the quilt 40″ x 40″.  And, it’s using up some of my stash! And that’s always a good thing!

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A Little bit of my trip …

Oh me, oh my!!!  What an awesome trip I had.  I spent a week in England/Wales, a week in Johannesburg, 3 days in Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls), 5 days on Safari in Namibia at Etosha National Park, 4 days in Cape Town, and finally 2 days in Paris.  If you ever consider an African Safari – let me know, and I will give you the name of a fabulous company and the most wonderful guide!

Visit my YouTube video HERE to see pictures from my trip that may inspire future quilts. These pictures were all taken with my phone and were chosen from over 3,000 pictures that I took.


This is a sewing machine that was in a store in Cape Town, where the owner makes all of the clothes for sale right in the store.  This machine was one of the “newer” ones. The ones they use on a daily basis were in the back and unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them! Somehow, I suspect that the decals are not in the prestine condition of this machine!


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Monday check-in

I’ve been trying out the arrangement of my sewing room.  So far, just a few minor things have been moved around.  And I’m loving it!  If you missed the tour – check out this Blog Post.

Design Wall:


It’s not quilt related.  I’m working on some travelling neck pillows.  I made them before, but didn’t have a loop/button at the front and it was a real pain in the neck to not have it.  (did you get the pun?)  As well, I’m making them a little bit longer.  I put zippers in the top and we stuff them loosely with clothes.  It  gives us a little bit more room as we try to only travel with carry-on. These are being made out of flannel.

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Summer sewing

We had some delightful company from Ireland visiting!  It was a lot of fun to visit with them.  I did get a little bit of sewing done when they went to be tourists in Vancouver!  But, I’ve also spent a LOT of time moving into my new sewing room.   Yes, I’ll show you pictures when I have things where I want them.  I did sort through ALL my fabric … and I have a ton of it ready to go out … I mentioned it on our guild’s FB page and a few people have showed interest in it.  I just need to get organized and get it to them!

I did manage to sew up three little bags. The white fabric is “colouring fabric.”  My daughter gave the plain, uncoloured rectangles to a couple of little girls.  They came for dinner the other night and I had them pick out zippers.  It was lots of fun to watch them pick out the colours they liked, with no regards to the finished project!  They just picked out what they liked!  Perfect!  I stitched their initials on the tabs.  It was a fun way to stitch them!fullsizeoutput_b4c.jpeg Continue reading

Baby Quilt Marathon – are you ready?

The Marathon starts tomorrow!

Here is an Excel Sheet for you to track your hours: Hmm, I can’t seem to embed the excel sheet … If you want one that will add your hours up, email me & I’ll email the sheet to you

Here are the quilts I plan to finish: 2 strippy quilts (only 1 picture) and 3 star quilts.

  • Both strippy quilts need borders, sandwiching, quilting and binding
  • The first star quilt needs to be webbed, borders, sandwiching, quilting and binding
  • The 2nd star quilt needs the backing enlarged, sandwiching, quilting and binding
  • The 3rd quilt is webbed and needs to be sewn together, borders, sandwiching, quilting and binding

There is a link-up at the end of this post.

Design Wall:  


I have started piecing my August Island Batik project … and of course, I can’t show you until the actual blog hop. Sorry … I know you hate secrets!


A few weeks ago, I showed you the border of a commissioned quilt. I’m now quilting the said border. And then it needs a label and binding and then it will be finished.

Stash Report

Nothing finished this week and no fabric bought so there isn’t a lot of change in my stash …

  • Fabric Used this week      0 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:         101.6  yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:   0 yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      57.05
  • Net Fabric used                     44.65
  • Husband’s Purchases           9.5

Stitchin’ Time

  • January – May:  122 out of 140
  • June – 27  out of  30
  • Year-to-date: 149  out of 170 = 87%

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces

Happy Quilting! 

Link up if you want to show us your plans for the marathon. I will try to have a link-up at the half-way mark and at the finish line.

If you don’t have a blog, you can always link to an Instagram post or a Pinterest picture.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter


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Whirlwind Week

Yes, the last week has been a whirlwind. I had a 12 hour drive up north to help a friend, then came back a few days later. The bonus was that I got to see a neice and a few old friends for a little visit! Unfortunately, I missed seeing a ton of other people!

Then, just as I got home, we picked up my quilting cousin, Terry! (She blogs occasionally at TLC Quilts).

My Cousin Time

Terry helped me cut and sew some border strips … unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. Since the binding flange strips needed to be cut the same width as the 1st border, she cut those as well. Then, I had a glass of wine and decided it was totally unsafe for me to either cut or sew …

This is a secret commissioned project, but I figure that I can show you a bit of the 1st border without giving too much away.

Terry and I hit a couple of local quilt stores. She fell in love with “Dragonfly Quilting and Gifts” To quote Terry, “This is heaven.” She bought a few fabrics to go with her future projects and she bought a beautiful beautiful piece that is simply beautiful. To my credit … I resisted buying that beautiful fabric. However, Dragonfly is only about 3 km from my house … but I’m not going there!

While Terry was here, she was talking about needing scraps of fabric for a couple of future scrappy quilts. I just grinned and grinned. And I grinned some more!!! She tackled my bag of red, blue and brown scraps and took a fair amount – but why are the bags still full???? I didn’t measure the fabric – so I can’t use the amount in my stash count this week. But, at least she has scraps and doesn’t need to go buy fabric to make her quilts. If she sends me pictures, or blogs about the quilts, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Terry then sorted my green scraps … and made a comment that a certain tone of green was predominant in my green scrap bag and there was likely enough for a quilt there. She’s probably correct and I may use that green in Bonnie Hunter’s 2019/20 mystery quilt.


Terry also showed me how she does her feathers. It uses a “bird” and “sun” for guidelines. I’ll have to get the link of the youtube. Sew … she had me practicing different feathers. FUN!

Quite a few people have expressed interest in joining us for the Baby Quilt Marathon. Not everyone will be making baby quilts – but I will. You can see more details HERE. One person is planning on making a string quilt, another is going to be sewing up a bunch a baby / Christmas panels, and another plans to make a baby quilt from start to finish!

Are you going to join us?

Design Wall:  

Piecing & Quilting

I showed you the little bit of border that I’m finishing piecing and will soon start quilting.

Stash Report

I finished the Quilt of Valour quilt. And, although the fabric from the top was from Island Batik, the backing was from my stash. It used 4 yards of fabric.

  • Fabric Used this week         4 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:         101.6  yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:   0 yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      57.05
  • Net Fabric used                     44.65
  • Husband’s Purchases           9.5

Stitchin’ Time

  • January – May:  122 out of 140
  • June – 21  out of  23
  • Year-to-date: 143  out of 163= 88%

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces

Happy Quilting! 


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PHD in 2019 – May Report

Oh – I almost forgot to write the PHD in 2019 report.

Here’s the January Report for Participants

Kate @  Life in Pieces  has started 2 projects that she plans to complete by year’s end!  One is a Storm at Sea (something I’ve never made) and the other is her Daisy Chain Mystery quilt – sew pretty!!!  I really like the pattern!

Tish  @ Tish’s Adventures in Wonderland doesn’t seem to have any UFOs finished, but she has a lovely heart quilt …. it’s worth going to take a look!

Emily @ The Darling Dogwood   has made a pretty awesome I spy quilt for a new baby!  She made a similar one for the baby’s sibling – so that should be fun!!!  Make sure you check out her cool I spy quilts!

Deana @ Dream Worthy Quilts has a goal tracker on the right side bar. According to the tracker (which may not be up to date), there hasn’t been any recent UFO finishes.  However, she has made a pretty neat bag. Check it out HERE.  I love how she didn’t purchase the hardware, but re-purposed it from other bags.  I’ll have to keep that in mind!

Elizabeth @ Applique and … has a lot going on in her life and sewing is happening in little bits.

Sharon @ Adventures in Fiber has not posted any quilty posts lately … but she has been busy with lambs!  Soooo cute!

A FUN Youtube video

I know that I often use quilting acronyms and I hopefully explain them.  This video explains a LOT of different ones!  SEW Fun.  It’s well worth the time to watch it.

Design Wall:  Quilting


Fractured Paint Brush.

I made the label and I just have the borders to quilt … and the binding to do … then you’ll see it in all it’s glory!



Stash Report

I did finish my June Island Batik project and used 1/2 yard of my own fabric on the back … I need to take pictures and write that post – sew you’ll see the project pretty soon!

  • Fabric Used this week         0.5 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:         84.9  yards
  • Fabric Bought this week:   0 yards
  • Fabric Added this year:      57.05
  • Net Fabric used                     27.85
  • Husband’s Purchases           9.5

Stitchin’ Time

  • January – May:  122 out of 140
  • June – 8  out of  9
  • Year-to-date: 130  out of 149 = 87%

For more Stitchin’ Time, you can check out Kate’s blog: Life in Pieces

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.11.53 PM

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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