Fun Times

It’s a lot of fun when we have company come.  Especially a family with 4 kids that we LOVE!!!  The youngest son was asking me about my quilts and we scrolled through the pictures on my computer and he said, “that’s my quilt!”  As soon as they got home his younger sister and he had their pictures taken with their quilts … I made these several years ago – before I started blogging.  I LOVE that they are still LOVED~

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PHD in 2019 – March Report

Island Batik

If you want to see the newest fabric and patterns from Island Batik … go to the Spring and Summer 2019 Catalog.  Be prepared for an online magazine full of the most beautiful  fabric and tons of patterns for wonderful quilts and tuffets, clothing and other projects.

Version 2

I received these Aurifil threads in the mail today!  The dark purple is 40 wt, blue is 12 wt and the pink is 28 wt.  Very pretty!!!  I need to use all 3 weights in an upcoming Island Batik Challenge.

What will I do?  I’m not sure.  I haven’t used 12 wt or 28 wt thread before.  I used 40 wt once on a quilt. It will be fun to come up with something that uses all 3 weights of thread! Continue reading

Beginning of April!


I know I often see other’s writing on their blogs and saying “Where did the month go to?”   And, I’ve often thought, “really? It went by one day at a time!”  YUP – one day at a time and each day FLEW by this month.  So fast!  So very fast, I’m wondering, “Where did the month go to?”

Design Wall



This is Week 4: Unit C of the Daisy Chain Mystery. The blocks on the lower left are all trimmed, I still need to trim about half of them.  This step is a little time consuming, but not too bad!  And easy to do.  The directions are very clear and easy to follow.  It’s still not too late to join in the mystery. Continue reading

A first quilt!

IMG_3339Quilting Tangent wrote to me and told me that she had used the same block as my “Stars on Ice Quilt” (see more HERE. )

An amazing Quilter!

When I was astounded that was a block she used for her FIRST quilt – she sent me pictures and this is what she said, “Yes, my first quilt was hand pieced, queen size and reversible.  I got a machine, figured out how to use it and did the quilting with a vine stitch the machine had.  Took forever!  Now I’m trying to learn to piece on the machine, a lot different then hand sewing..” Continue reading

Travelling to a quilt show and quilting at home

We had a fun bus trip to Monroe Washington to see all the quilts on display.  Wow oh, WOW!!!  There were over 500 quilts … tons of eye candy … I took a picture of only a fraction of them.  Click on the slideshow below to see what I took pictures of.  Of course, I took pictures of every single Bonnie Hunter design I could find!  🙂   I also included the description of each quilt … usually following the quilt, but some of them came before the quilt …  I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

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One came out …


Out of the container, that is.

This is my #3 UFO … It’s come a little ways since I took the picture on the right in December.  It came out of the container.  I finished the blocks and put a border on it.  I was going to add an additional blue border, but then it will be too big for my coffee table … sew … I’m going to use the cut dark blue border material for the binding.  This table runner was suppose to be finished in 2017 for a swap at our annual Over the Rainbow retreat … hmmm … guess it’s missed it’s chance for the swap!  That’s OK … I like it, hubby likes it and it will be pretty on the coffee table.


Now to sandwich it, quilt it, bind it and call it done!  Hopefully, I can show you the finished runner soon!

Happy Quilting! 


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A little of this, a little of that

I haven’t had a lot of time to sew in the last few days … but I’ve done a bit!

Design Wall


The March Island Batik project is sandwiched!  The theme for this month is “Vintage Reimagined.”  It is a fun theme to work with!   I used these fabrics on the right!!!  Oh – what a joy it is to use this beautiful fabric!!!  I’ll show you more when it’s quilted.


Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: IMG_3149

  • Border #1 is on.
  • Border #2 (purple triangles) is in progress.
  • Border # 3 is ready to sew on
  • Border #4 is being pieced together.

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A Super Fun Class

It was super fun, mostly because I came home with a FINISHED project!!!

We had homework to do before the class … the homework took a LOT of time … like hours and hours and hours …  We had all bought the pattern prior to the class, sew we knew what to do for homework … the pattern is “Jelly Roll Rug Pattern” by Roma Lamson for R.J. Designs …

I already showed you my pile of 2 ½” strips and the start of the rope we had to make.  Our teacher, Dawn,  had 2 beautiful rugs done and now that I’m home, I realized that I forgot to take pictures of them!!!  groan!!!



My strips were cut from my stash of mostly Kansas Troubles fabric.   I told one lady that I have STABLE.  She looked at me weird … then I explained it meant STash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy!  Then she laughed!   And the batting was all Hobbs 80/20 leftovers from the sides of quilts that I have made.  Dawn suggested cutting them 2 ¼” wide … which made it WAY easier than the strips that were 2 ½” wide!  (Hmmm, maybe, just maybe, I had a whole wack of strips that were cut at 2 ½” and I didn’t take the time to cut them down to 2 ¼” …)

Here is my finished Jelly Roll Rug.

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New project reality!

83805-_dsc0230OK … in my last post, I talked about how I was going to follow along with Caroline and watch her tutorial videos to make a wonderful zippered bag.  Reality set in and I thought, “Who are you kidding???? You can’t start ANOTHER new project.  SEW … the zippered bag was not started … I didn’t even pull fabric to do one.  However, you can.  You can see the first video HERE.  The videos will be on Youtube and I can watch them in the future when I’m ready to make a zippered bag!

52 Blocks 52 Weeks#52blocks52weeks

I have caught up:  Blocks 5 & 6 are done!  It is fun making these little 6″ blocks.  They don’t take to long at all.  Except for the neutral, I’m only using blue fabric that is in my blue scrap bag …  So far, the bag is still full! (Do completing blocks 5 & 6 make for a “Friday Finish?”

Jelly Roll Rug

I signed up to take a class with the guild tomorrow! The lady teaching it is an awesome teacher, so she will help my rug making to be successful.  I went to my tote of Kansas Troubles, and along with a few reproduction fabrics, I made my own jelly roll.  Except for the dark for the final round, the fabrics are all mixed up.  I’m using stash and that makes me happy!

Happy Quilting! 


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Colour bleeding

I haven’t had a lot of issues with colour bleeding.  But I have had a few.img_0070

I posted in Oct. 2016 HERE about how the label bled really bad … so bad that I could see it moving quickly and without thinking too much, I cut it out really fast!  I was using a solid green of my grandmother’s fabric … the green went into recycling.  It did not have a long life in my sewing room!  I ended up fixing the disastrous corner and you can read about it HERE. Continue reading