Friday’s Finishes

PHD Update

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UFO #3 is completely done!!!   My goal for my PHD in 2018 was to finish 3 UFOs in each of the first 3 months.  I did it for January!!!   This House Wall Hanging is Done, done, done!!!  I doesn’t show in the picture, but I did little clouds in the negative spaces around the roofs.

house finished

Another Finish, but not a UFO.

I made a quilt for my sister sometime around 1984 or so … I didn’t know a lot about quilting.  It was a simple Irish Chain, hand quilted with a rose bud.  I was quite proud of it. Oh my, how things have changed … my quilting has improved quite a bit and I very rarely hand quilt.  And polyester batting is a thing of the past!  The quilt has been used and loved.  So much that the single layer binding has frayed a ton.  (I didn’t know to use a double layer of fabric at the time!)

So, my sister went shopping with a friend prior to having her surgery and picked out a fabric to use for the binding.  The quilt has faded and she picked out a lighter green that is perfect for it.  The first picture below gives you an idea of how much the binding has frayed … the second is a picture of the binding on the quilt. (Yes, I broke all the rules about only hand sewing on a hand quilted quilt and I sewed the binding on by machine.)

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Happy Quilting!

17 thoughts on “Friday’s Finishes

  1. Good job on those houses, and on finishing three projects out of your 28. You’re definitely on track. I remember watching my mother replace the satin binding on wool blankets when I was little, and being told it was worthwhile because the blankets were so cozy. .Bet that’s true for your sister’s quilt too.


  2. Congratulations on your finish and re-finish! I do love to do repairs on a well-loved quilt that I have made. The fading always amazes me.


  3. Isn’t it funny how things change over time. I have a large quilt I made and my mom hand stitched the quilting and single bound binding and it is all apart too. It was a polyester batt too. I think I would some day rebind it but it is not my style or color anymore even though it is on my bed under a comforter. Maybe some day.


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