Oops! I have to fix it!

As I was getting the picture ready for this blog post.  I was happy to have a flimsy completed!  However, the picture showed me that I have a bit of unstitching to do.

sad face Do you see the mistakes?  I have no idea how the green squares on the left and right borders got there.  And there is a blue and white half-square triangles on each side that needs to be re-oriented (again!).  The sides should look exactly like the top and bottom … sigh …

Now, the search is on for the white fabric … where did I put it? IMG_0550

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14 thoughts on “Oops! I have to fix it!

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  2. Oh no! But to be honest with you it is so symmetrical that if it wasn’t for the fact that you are calling it an ‘oopsie’ I would have assumed it was your design intent. Although I do think if it bothers you it is worth fixing. 🙂


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