Monday’s Design Wall


I went to a fantastic workshop this weekend. It was called “Zendoodling” with Wilma Brock.  It was a lot of fun and I learned tons!   Here is a picture of what I did at the workshop.  I did find it hard to quilt “small” … I’m so used to quilting big quilts, quilting ‘small’ is not an option for me!

My Current Works in Progress:

Shakespeare in the Park: 

Is sandwiched and I’ve quilted 2 snail trail blocks … only 23 left, 16 large star blocks and all the little star blocks and border … it won’t be done in the next few days!

“Fall” table runner: 

Is sandwiched and waiting for inspiration on how to quilt it.

Orca Bay:

No progress.

To see what others in the quilty world are working on wander over to these blogs:

Happy Quilting


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