Monday’s design wall


Seems like I’ve done a lot of sewing this week, but not a lot of progress on the En Provence Mystery … I don’t know how some people finished the top the within a day or two of the reveal!  I still only have one block sewn together.  Three almost ready to sew together and about half of the sashing blocks done.   To be honest, I think it’s the sashing blocks that will make the quilt!  They are the ones that form the burgundy stars.


To see what others in the quilty world are working on wander over to these blogs:

Happy Quilting!



6 thoughts on “Monday’s design wall

  1. Love your colors! I don’t know either how they get them done so fast. I worked on it ALL day yesterday and only got 2 rows done. I did not cook, clean or any other such nonsense and only 2 rows???? I had even kept up with all the parts……. Well maybe when she does the final Link-Up, a month from now, there is always hope!


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