Working on 3 things at once

Currently, I’m working on 3 things at once.

First:  Quilt #13 is now a top. It needs to be quilted and bound


Second:  The Bonnie Hunter Mystery (En Provence):  Step 1 in about 2/3 done and Step 2 is about 2/3 cut out, with none sewn.  I’ve been asked what colours I’m using.  I will be using dark and light blues in place of Bonnie’s purples and the dark red shown in the picture below.  My neutrals are neutrals and I will probably choose a darker green than Bonnie’s yellowy green.img_0122

Third: I’ve been quilting a Christmas gift … this is a part of the backimg_0125

To see what others in the quilty world are working on wander over to these blogs:

Happy Quilting!



8 thoughts on “Working on 3 things at once

    • Well, I admit that I’ve been known to work on more than 3, but these 3 are my priority right now!

      As for quilting my 9 patch … I will do different motif’s in each block … will post a picture once it’s finished.


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