Quilt #13 progress …


I have 32 9-patches done … only 81 more to go …

To me, it seems like super SLOW process on Quilt #13, but I did make a demo craft for our December guild meeting and made the project for our secret Santa gifts. I wanted to get these done as I will be out of town for the week prior to the meeting.  This is the 2nd year that I’ve done the secret Santa.  We hand in a baggie with the equivalent of 2 fat quarters and we receive someone else’s fabric back. Then we’re challenged to make something with the fabric!  I’d love to show you what I made, but then it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?


Surprise surprise, I bit the bullet … as usual … and have started the Bonnie Hunter mystery “En Provence.”  I need a ton of neutral 4 patches … I have 3 done and a bunch of ‘twosies” to sew into 4 patches … then I’ll start cutting into my neutral yardage until I have enough completed!


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Happy Quilting!



7 thoughts on “Quilt #13 progress …

  1. I haven’t bitten the bullet yet, but think I will work on En Provence. I might use white fabric with colored dots as I did for the Scrapitude mystery quilt. We’ll see.


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