Quilting another …

Quilting #4 of quilts made from Grandma’s fabrics.


Here is a rough drawing of the quilting pattern.  A tear drop, then echo the tear drop, small flower petals, then echo the flower petals.  It’s pretty easy to do as an all-over quilting pattern.






And now a picture of the quilting in progress …





Wander over to Patchwork Times and Love, Laugh, Quilt to see what others are working on.

Happy Quilting,



3 thoughts on “Quilting another …

    • I actually started out with a simpler flower … maybe I’ll quilt that on the next quilt so you have an idea … After I took my first class on FMQ, I would practice on a quilt that I hated, so therefore, didn’t care what it looked like. It was a great way to start and I didn’t have to take anything out!


      • I used zipper bags and left over blocks to practise my FMQ before I started on a real quilt. I still keep spare blocks and use leftover solid fabrics to make a supply of sandwiches, so that when I want to try a new design, or even warm up, I have them handy.


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